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The Stone Equipment by Market Service was founded in 2007 as a result of distinct and profound experience in the area of Marble/Granite Machinery Market. Our professional activity has always been focused on satisfying the needs of most demanding customers in terms of providing serious and professional technical support regarding stone machinery and/or technical services such as overhauling, refurbishing, spare parts supplying, as well as machinery/production installation, launch or dismantling both in Italy and abroad. We employ our own technical staff, and we supply our customers with all the necessary consumables such as disks and saws, abrasive stones, grits, chemical products, and, if needed, we can also provide our customers with all the necessary and detailed project assistance. .

The Stone Equipment by Market Service offers a wide range of any kind of both brand-new and used stone machinery to guarantee stone processing, handling and water-cleaning.

The Stone Equipment by Market Service offers a wide range of stone equipment at different stages of working process and machinery life cycle, the first offer is usually supported by a brief technical summary of the actual state of equipment, i.e.:

AS IT IS condition - intendet as 'The Actual State of Equipment'
The actual state of equipment implies either installed/dismounted running or installed and not producing condition equipment. When requested, the Stone Equipment can guarantee any necessary kind of maintenance and spare parts substitution work, both for installed/ running or installed/not producing machinery (in this case any further electric check-up can be performed according to the previous agreement or request).

As an alternative approach, the Stone Equipment by Market Service offers refurbished/ full reconditioned machinery and handles each single case differently according to the actual needs of our customers. Equipment repair/refurbishment implies a complete repair cycle, rust removal, various external varnishing stages, and a complete check-up of all the mechanic, hydraulic and electric parts. We provide our refurbished machinery with the performance guarantee (excluding the electric and electronic parts and functions).


The Stone Equipment by Market Service offers installation assistance service in most cases of machinery installation and production start-up stage not only for full reconditioned equipment, but also for refurbished (second-hand) machinery (so called ''actual state'' machinery), each single case will be treated separately and with great care both in Italian or international markets.

Making the most of our deep knowledge and practical experience of the stone equipment market, the Stone Equipment by Market Service can supply our customers with every kind of spare parts via air/ sea/ road carriage. The carriage is at consignee's expenses.

The machinery price excludes any kind of extra service (such as dismantling, loading, and/or shipment). In Italy, as well as within the European boarders, the delivery of goods is guaranteed via road haulage and open top container transport, and if requested, we can handle the direct carriage to destination outside the EU.

The Stone Equipment by Market Service accepts to sell its own equipment only when credit evaluations to determine appropriate terms of sale and methods of payment have taken place, and the payment has been effected by bank transfer, by letter of credit or under guarantee. The terms of payment will be specified confidentially in the business offer or Pro Forma.

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